What is EX-7?

EX-7 Is an elite and powerful Roblox cheat designed for easy use by people, stabilized control and the ability to execute anything at a context level of 7. On top of that, we have a reliable and large discord chat community with a 100+ clients who can help you with issues. EX-7 is designed to be extremely useful in situations where a quick script to wipe out a player, or a quick script to instantly destroy a server is necessary. EX-7's development team is a strong and competent team, meaning EX-7 is not a product to die out easily.









EX-7 features

We want you to see how game changing EX-7 can be for you, here's a small list of the dominant features.

Extremely Stable

EX-7 is extremely stable and will not crash on you randomly, using an optimized bypass by Chirality, EX-7 is an exploit that will not be detected.

Completely Undetectable

EX-7 uses a special method for its script execution, a method that is completely undetectable, no game has been able to pick up that EX-7 is currently running, this has had extensive testing to it. No need to worry about being banned.

Extremely Secure and Safe

EX-7 uses an extremely secured and unique method for its whitelisting, this method has never been replicated nor cracked.

Functional on most Windows OS'

With built in functionality for Windows 7 all the way to Windows 10, 32/64bit. EX-7 is an exploit that will be functional on your computer.

Extremely User Friendly

EX-7 comes with a BootStrapper for easy installation and easy injection into Roblox. Our Discord chat is filled with people who are willing to help new members out.

Extended Lua Environment for Developers

EX-7 knows that Lua scripters will pick up the product for testing on their scripts, due to this EX-7 has a bunch of specially added custom implementations such as loadstring, GetObjects, set/getrawmetatable, toclipboard and much, much more.

Showcase Videos

Here are two popular videos of EX-7 in action, by BillionZooms and McHeartGamer. (Please note these videos may be outdated)